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Street art in Siberia

Street Art in Siberia

    Siberia is a fascinating place. It’s utterly remote, far from everything, synonymous with ‘the middle of nowhere’. It’s frozen for more than half of the year, just a little south of the Arctic Circle. And yet it’s also a lush,… Read More »Street Art in Siberia

    The Ural Mineralogical Museum in Yekaterinburg, Russia

    Russia’s hidden gems

      The quirky mineral museum in Yekaterinburg, Russia, makes a great way to spend some time if you find yourself in the Ural Mountains.

      Street eats

        “Whatever you do, don’t eat the street food!!” That panicked phrase, often uttered by co-workers, acquaintances and well-meaning relatives, is one that plagues many a traveller. Tales of Delhi-belly, intestinal worms and days that were only salvaged by a packet of… Read More »Street eats