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  • Fiji on a budget – yes really!

    Fiji on a budget – yes really!

      Ah Fiji. White sand, turquoise water, fresh coconut, wide smiles and the friendly call of “Bula!” following you wherever you go. Fiji really is a stunning place, but it’s no secret that budget travellers sometimes struggle with this Pacific jewel. It’s easy to get discouraged as a budgeter when you read about incredible resorts […]

  • Epi’s Midland Tour – old school travel at it’s best

    Epi’s Midland Tour – old school travel at it’s best

    Fiji is a fascinating place. When people think Fiji, I think most people think of relaxing on a white-sand beach with a coconut cocktail in hand, and that’s certainly a big part of what Fiji has to offer, but there’s so much more to see when you set foot outside the resorts. Fiji’s rich village […]

  • Finding Ganesh in Fiji

    Finding Ganesh in Fiji

    One thing you might not have expected to find in Fiji is some of the finest Hindu architecture outside of India. Yet in downtown Nadi, that’s exactly what you’ll find. The Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple sits on a T intersection at the end of Nadi’s main street shopping district, a quiet, colourful respite from the […]

  • Village life in Fiji

    Village life in Fiji

    In an increasingly urbanised world, life in Fiji continues to revolve around the village. Some 60% of Fijians continue to live in villages dotted across the islands, and even those who live in the major population centres such as Suva, Lautoka and Labasa are likely to call a village home. Many villages remain quite traditional, […]