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  • Fiji on a budget – yes really!

    Fiji on a budget – yes really!

      Ah Fiji. White sand, turquoise water, fresh coconut, wide smiles and the friendly call of “Bula!” following you wherever you go. Fiji really is a stunning place, but it’s no secret that budget travellers sometimes struggle with this Pacific jewel. It’s easy to get discouraged as a budgeter when you read about incredible resorts […]

  • Street Art in Siberia

    Street Art in Siberia

    Siberia is a fascinating place. It’s utterly remote, far from everything, synonymous with ‘the middle of nowhere’. It’s frozen for more than half of the year, just a little south of the Arctic Circle. And yet it’s also a lush, green place, for a few months of the year at least. It has a rich […]

  • Finding Ganesh in Fiji

    Finding Ganesh in Fiji

    One thing you might not have expected to find in Fiji is some of the finest Hindu architecture outside of India. Yet in downtown Nadi, that’s exactly what you’ll find. The Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple sits on a T intersection at the end of Nadi’s main street shopping district, a quiet, colourful respite from the […]

  • Three awesome animal experiences

    Three awesome animal experiences

    Swimming with manta rays anyone? Or how about spending time with Mongolian wild horses?

  • Myanmar’s fairytale castle – exploring the monastery on Mt Popa

    Myanmar’s fairytale castle – exploring the monastery on Mt Popa

    Yes, I did take that photo. Yes, it really does look like that. Golden spires sweeping elegantly towards the sky from a sheer rocky outcrop on the side of a volcano, accessed by a 777 step covered walkway. This is Taung Kalat Monastery, situated under the imposing shadow of Mt Popa just a 50km drive […]