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  • Street Art in Siberia

    Street Art in Siberia

    Siberia is a fascinating place. It’s utterly remote, far from everything, synonymous with ‘the middle of nowhere’. It’s frozen for more than half of the year, just a little south of the Arctic Circle. And yet it’s also a lush, green place, for a few months of the year at least. It has a rich […]

  • Getting lost in Rome

    Getting lost in Rome

    Rome is the very first city I ever explored by myself, and also the very first city I got lost in. I was 18, and visiting Rome with my German host family. We got separated in the huge crowds at the Vatican museum – it was literally shoulder to shoulder inside, with a queue that […]

  • A few days in St Petersburg

    A few days in St Petersburg

    While the phrase “Russia in springtime” doesn’t exactly conjure the same romanticism as phrases like “Paris in springtime”, and while the temperature might be lower than what you are used to in the depths of winter at home, early spring is actually a really lovely time to visit St Petersburg. Twelve-hour days give you plenty […]