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  • On top of the world! Climbing Mt Kinabalu

    On top of the world! Climbing Mt Kinabalu

      Have you ever seen a picture or heard a story and thought, “I have to do that!”, without really knowing what you’re getting yourself into? My Lonely Plant guide to South East Asia lists climbing Mt Kinabalu as one of the top experiences in the region. The phrase is something like, “forget about the […]

  • Three awesome animal experiences

    Three awesome animal experiences

    Swimming with manta rays anyone? Or how about spending time with Mongolian wild horses?

  • Street eats

    Street eats

    “Whatever you do, don’t eat the street food!!” That panicked phrase, often uttered by co-workers, acquaintances and well-meaning relatives, is one that plagues many a traveller. Tales of Delhi-belly, intestinal worms and days that were only salvaged by a packet of Gastro-Stop abound, usually accompanied by “it happened to a friend of a friend of mine!” […]