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  • That time I visited a floating market

    That time I visited a floating market

    It’s a tourist clichĂ© that features on the front cover of at least 50% of guidebooks and brochures for South East Asia – the Floating Market. But you know what? There’s good reason – floating markets are cool. There’s just something so wonderful about taking the retail experience to water. The floating market I went […]

  • Street eats

    Street eats

    “Whatever you do, don’t eat the street food!!” That panicked phrase, often uttered by co-workers, acquaintances and well-meaning relatives, is one that plagues many a traveller. Tales of Delhi-belly, intestinal worms and days that were only salvaged by a packet of Gastro-Stop abound, usually accompanied by “it happened to a friend of a friend of mine!” […]