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  • Exploring Majestic Mongolia

    Exploring Majestic Mongolia

      So I’ll be frank – never did I once imagine that I’d ever go to Mongolia. And never did I imagine it would be a beautiful, majestic country and one of the most memorable places I’ve been. Before I travelled there, my view of Mongolia was basically coloured by one, single experience. I knew […]

  • Three awesome animal experiences

    Three awesome animal experiences

    Swimming with manta rays anyone? Or how about spending time with Mongolian wild horses?

  • Learning the language

    Learning the language

    Although there’s no question it’s very intimidating, I think it’s important to learn a few words and key phrases of the local language when you’re travelling. Although English is widely spoken and gestures will get you most of the way even where it’s not, people love to see travellers making an effort to connect, and […]