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  • Machu Picchu. #lifegoals

    Machu Picchu. #lifegoals

    I still remember the first time I found out about Machu Picchu. It was 2007 and I had just started university. I was living on campus and making friends with my next-door neighbour, a science student like me named Hannah. I went into her room one day and saw a poster of the most amazing […]

  • The Swiss Army Knife of Clothing!

    The Swiss Army Knife of Clothing!

    Now there‚Äôs a hoopy frood who really knows where her sarong is! The number one item that I think every backpacker should have with them at all times, male and female, is a sarong. It is the most multi-purpose tool you can have and a few quick knots can turn it into almost anything. Take […]

  • Fiji on a budget – yes really!

    Fiji on a budget – yes really!

      Ah Fiji. White sand, turquoise water, fresh coconut, wide smiles and the friendly call of “Bula!” following you wherever you go. Fiji really is a stunning place, but it’s no secret that budget travellers sometimes struggle with this Pacific jewel. It’s easy to get discouraged as a budgeter when you read about incredible resorts […]

  • Travelling at Home – Motorbikes on the Monaro

    Travelling at Home – Motorbikes on the Monaro

    I’ve spent the last couple of weeks chilling out at home, at my parent’s house in rural NSW. I’m finally home from Fiji (don’t worry though, there’s still plenty more stunning-tropical-paradise posts in the works, with accompanying beautiful pictures) and I wanted to take some time out and just be at home for a bit. […]

  • Learning to dive in Fiji

    Learning to dive in Fiji

    Scuba diving. It’s something that will either fill you with excitement or fear, anticipation or dread. Being far under the surface of the water with a tank of air strapped to your back, venturing into the world of corals, octopi, sharks, rays, anemones, puffer fish, angel fish, more fish that one person could possibly count. […]

  • Money matters

    Money matters

    The other day, my friend asked me for advice about travel money cards – worth it, or no? It’s one of the essential questions any traveller needs to ask themselves in preparation for a big trip – just how will I access my money once I’m on the road? (Or in the air, or on […]

  • Learning the language

    Learning the language

    Although there’s no question it’s very intimidating, I think it’s important to learn a few words and key phrases of the local language when you’re travelling. Although English is widely spoken and gestures will get you most of the way even where it’s not, people love to see travellers making an effort to connect, and […]