Author: Martina Donkers

  • Village life in Fiji

    Village life in Fiji

    In an increasingly urbanised world, life in Fiji continues to revolve around the village. Some 60% of Fijians continue to live in villages dotted across the islands, and even those who live in the major population centres such as Suva, Lautoka and Labasa are likely to call a village home. Many villages remain quite traditional, […]

  • That time I visited a floating market

    That time I visited a floating market

    It’s a tourist cliché that features on the front cover of at least 50% of guidebooks and brochures for South East Asia – the Floating Market. But you know what? There’s good reason – floating markets are cool. There’s just something so wonderful about taking the retail experience to water. The floating market I went […]

  • That time I got stopped by police in NYC

    That time I got stopped by police in NYC

    It had been a pretty big day. My sister and I were trying to cram as much of North America as possible into a two week trip, and this particular day spanned three cities, two countries, and nearly 600 kilometres of travel by bus. At around 8pm we arrived into New York City at the central […]

  • Money matters

    Money matters

    The other day, my friend asked me for advice about travel money cards – worth it, or no? It’s one of the essential questions any traveller needs to ask themselves in preparation for a big trip – just how will I access my money once I’m on the road? (Or in the air, or on […]

  • Getting lost in Rome

    Getting lost in Rome

    Rome is the very first city I ever explored by myself, and also the very first city I got lost in. I was 18, and visiting Rome with my German host family. We got separated in the huge crowds at the Vatican museum – it was literally shoulder to shoulder inside, with a queue that […]

  • Street eats

    Street eats

    “Whatever you do, don’t eat the street food!!” That panicked phrase, often uttered by co-workers, acquaintances and well-meaning relatives, is one that plagues many a traveller. Tales of Delhi-belly, intestinal worms and days that were only salvaged by a packet of Gastro-Stop abound, usually accompanied by “it happened to a friend of a friend of mine!” […]

  • Learning the language

    Learning the language

    Although there’s no question it’s very intimidating, I think it’s important to learn a few words and key phrases of the local language when you’re travelling. Although English is widely spoken and gestures will get you most of the way even where it’s not, people love to see travellers making an effort to connect, and […]

  • The Museum of World Insects and Natural Wonders

    The Museum of World Insects and Natural Wonders

    Chiang Mai is a beautiful city. It’s one of the loveliest places I’ve been, a walled city filled with hundreds of graceful temples, tranquil gardens, and charming Thai smiles. It’s also home to one of my favourite museums – The Museum of World Insects and Natural Wonders. I found it quite by accident. Having risen […]

  • The train to Hsipaw

    The train to Hsipaw

    I like train travel. It may date back to loving Thomas the Tank Engine as a small child, or be related to the fact that there aren’t many trains in the area where I grew up, so train travel has always been a novelty. But whatever the reason, I think it’s a great way to […]

  • A few days in St Petersburg

    A few days in St Petersburg

    While the phrase “Russia in springtime” doesn’t exactly conjure the same romanticism as phrases like “Paris in springtime”, and while the temperature might be lower than what you are used to in the depths of winter at home, early spring is actually a really lovely time to visit St Petersburg. Twelve-hour days give you plenty […]